Common GNet error messages and how to handle them

            ERROR: The partnership isn't established by 
            Reason for Error: The account has not been connected to their reservation system
            Solution: Report to and we will have them connected

            ERROR: No vehicle mapping for 
            (Conflict - - Any vehicle type of specified group doesn't match to reservation criteria.)
            Reason for Error: Operator is not sharing the requested vehicle-type in their reservation system or the capacity of the vehicle-type does not match the capacity of the vehicle requested.
            Solution: Operator must expose the vehicle-type in their reservation system and should be notified to check the capacity for the reservation requested

            ERROR: Conflict - - Credit card Is required by company system but isn't specified in the settings reservation
            Reason for Error: Operator has the associated account set to require a credit card, but none was provided in the reservation
            Solution: Change the account to be Direct Bill/Direct Invoice, you can still charge their
            , but the reservation will be delivered properly if that requirement is removed.

            Updated: 16 Nov 2018 12:57 AM
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