driverAPP - Device-Specific Error Log

            Here is what you can do to help troubleshoot device-specific errors.
            1. After using driverAPP for a trip or two 
            2. Go to About menu
            3. Tap on the logo on top of the screen
            4. You end up on an error log page
            5. Do a screenshot and send us the image

            We should collect as much of the following information as possible;

            • Reservation number - 

            • Device make and model - 

            • Version of Mobile OS - 

            • Version of Mobile App - 

            • Data Service provider - 

            Ask the chauffeur to check the icons at the top of 


            • Green GPS is good

            • Yellow GPS signal is weak

            • Red No GPS signal


            • Blue is good data signal

            • Yellow is intermittent data signal

            • Red is no data signal

            If the chauffeur is using his phone for other tasks, they should always bring driverAPP back to the foreground afterward.

            Updated: 09 Dec 2017 12:56 AM
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