Failed to Deliver - credit card is required - LimoAnywhere FARM-IN

            Hi Team,

            Regarding the credit-card error on the latest FARM-IN reservation: this is how you can fix the error.
            • Log into your Limo Anywhere system and locate the Customer Account page for the Affiliate with the error.
            • Change their Billing Profile to DIRECT INVOICE / DIRECT BILL, and SAVE. 
              • When you reconcile/receive payment on an invoice, credit-card as the payment method should be chosen
            This allows Limo Anywhere to NOT require a CC# with every job that comes through GNet from them.
            Once you do this, those reservations should flow through.

            Please Note: Even if you adjusted the Customer Account, to not require a credit card, it is possible for individual reservations to be set to require a credit card.

            Thank you,
            GNet Support
            Updated: 30 Apr 2019 02:37 AM
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