FT DriverAPP usage instructions

            Welcome to DriverAPP, this documentation will quickly acquaint you with DriverAPP and lets you start using it right away.

            You must have your FASTTRAK CLOUD reservation system fully setup before proceeding with DriverAPP rollout.   

            You must also be comfortable navigating your FASTTRAK software and have access rights to create EXPRESS user logins.

            The following are some helpful information for DriverAPP.

            1. User Access and Authentication

            1. Your Chauffeur must exist in FASTTRAK already

            2. An email address must be set on FASTTRAK for the chauffeur

            3. Add Chauffeur as an EXPRESS user in FASTTRAK, make sure user id is their email address.

            4. Login to GRiDD Mobile app dashboard , go to -> Driver APP menu

            5. Add chauffeur by entering their email address.

            6. Chauffeur’s user id / pwd should work on ifasttrak.com, it's a good way to check.

            7. Chauffeur’s user id / pwd should work for GRiDD DriverAPP once downloaded.

            1. Downloading DriverAPP

            1. Go to : https://ftmobile.grdd.net/downloads/driverapp

            2. For Android -> you will be directed to GOOGLE PLAY store.

            3. For IOS, it will ask for INSTALL PERMISSIONS.


              2. iOS 9.x users installing G-Pinger for the first time will need to 'trust' the developer profile: When installing the new version of driverAPP or G-Pinger - 'trust' GRiDD Technologies; Settings > General > Profile or Device Management> GRiDD Technologies

            Apple Installations will show the following two prompts in the diagrams below.

            You must choose ALLOW or your GPS tracking will not work properly.

            1. On-Duty , Off-Duty & On-Break Statuses

            • Tap Flag to get Options for your status

            • On-Duty shows device on map and stays awake

            • On-Break shows device on map in difference color

            • Blue wireless becomes RED - means no Mobile DATA

            • Green Dish becomes RED - means bad GPS data

            • Company Logo on top Left

            • Main driver app options as buttons

            • When on-Duty Dispatch office can see the latest location of the device.

            • Must set to OFF-DUTY when work shift is over.  This will stop the tracking program and device will get removed from dispatch map.

            1. Trip List and Acknowledging Trips

            - Trip list auto refreshed upon entry

            -Trip sheet shows all details

            -Refresh button gets latest trips

            -When ON-DUTY auto refresh is on

            1. Starting a Trip

              1. You must be ON-DUTY to start or continue a trip.

              2. If your company ON-DEMAND option is on, you will be asked to choose a vehicle from your list.

              3. Once a trip is started, the FASTTRAK is updated with the latest status.

              4. Passenger APP can also see the driver on their mobile app’s map at this point.

            1. Maps & Navigation

              1. You have access to a regular map on the main screen’s menu.

              2. Each Address in Trip List and Current Trip screens will take the user to the maps page and show them the relative distance to the location.

              3. Once a trip is started a NAVIGATION option is shown on the map menu.  This will put the device into NAVIGATION mode until address is reached.

            1. Current Trip Screen

            Once a trip has started, the following screen will appear.

            • Top menu bar lets you navigate out

            • Expense lets you enter trip expenses

            • NameSign shows name sign

            • Map, shows regular map.

            • TripSheet shows trip details again

            • Tapping STATUS buttons change status

              • AT PICKUP

              • PASSENGER ON BOARD

              • AT A STOP

            • Tap address to see route and navigate

            - If a NO SHOW, the tapping NO SHOW will prompt for NOTE and change status to NOW SHOW.

            - When PAX DROPPED button is tapped, the CLOSING screen will pop up. Closing screen does the following before CLOSING trip.

            • Allows Chauffeur to enter notes.

            • Allows for reviewing Expenses and more entry

            • Once CLOSE TRIP is tapped, FASTTRAK is updated.

            • Closed Trips leave the DriverAPP device immediately.

            1. Expense Entry

              1. Expense entries are for each trip only.

              2. Expenses can be entered at any time.

            1. About  & Options Screen

            • Version information shown can be checked against the BUTTON version.  

            • If versions are not the same, user is notified.

            • Tapping on the button will update the device to the latest version.

            Android : will take you to Google Play Store

            Apple IOS: will shut down the app and start installing it immediately.

            Do not do this Mid-Trip.  Wait until your trip is finished, then upgrade.

            • Audio alerts can be set to on/off

            • Distance can be shown in miles or kilometers

            • Frequency of how often the servers are called to report location.

            • Auto On-Duty option can be set., driver goes ON-DUTY as soon as they login.

            • Map can be set to always show traffic by default here.

            • Reset Trip  - ONLY tap on this if you have a trip that is stuck and does not leave your current trip status.

            1. Best Practices

              1. Let driverAPP change STATUS codes, and only let driverAPP CLOSE trips unless if the device is having problems, then Dispatch office can override on FASTTRAK.

              2. Allow DriverAPP Full GPS and BACKGROUND permissions as it comes during install.

              3. On newer Android and IOS devices, you can turn on/off background processing, GPS locations, etc.  Let DriverAPP be left as DEFAULT.

              4. Do not install Battery Saver Apps, or TASK KILLER apps. These apps will try to close DriverAPP when it is running in the background.

              5. Best results are achieved when DriverAPP is installed on a dedicated device that only has a limited uses.

            1. Troubleshooting

              1. If device is not working properly or having unknown issues, it’s best to reboot your device first.

              2. For best troubleshooting tips go to : https://support.grdd.net

            Updated: 10 May 2017 11:21 AM
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