FASTTRAK - Send and Receive instructions

            This document is focused on providing the steps and workflow needed to FARM OUT trips to your affiliates as well as steps required to receive FARM-IN reservations.

            Step 1.  You and your affiliate partners must be registered on GNet.

            1. If your affiliate is not registered yet, they can use the following link:

            2. Your affiliate must be using one of the technologies currently connected to GNet. ie. FASTTRAK,  Limo Anywhere, Livery Coach, etc.

            3. You and your affiliate must check with your Software Provider’s support that you are configured to use GNet. (Ex: Livery Coach configuration for GNet is by request of their client only)

            4. Ensure you have a userid and ability to connect to GNet Dashboard as it has useful tools.

            Step 2. Add affiliate partners

            1. Login to GNet and use the Partner page to add affiliate partners

            2. Search Tab is useful in finding existing partners

            3. if you can’t find your partner here, send them the link in STEP 1.

            4. Note the tabs options on top : Partners, Sent Invitations, Received Invitations, and Search

            5. When both sides add each other as partners, the Partners Tab is populated.

            6. You must have your Affiliate partner showing in Partner Tab before you can proceed.

            Step 3. Sending via GNet

            1. Make sure you have an affiliate entry in  your reservation system for affiliates you are sending reservations to.

            2. In your Affiliate details page, you will have a field whose name could be: mobile app provider id, GNet ID, Conext ID, GRiDD ID.  (contact your software support if you have difficulty finding this field 

            3. Your affiliate partner’s GNet ID must be entered there. 
            4. Your affiliate also becomes an option in your reservation system’s Driver List
            5. Your affiliate partner must follow the RECEIVE instructions so you can successful send.
            6. Dispatch the reservation to your affiliate partner by picking them from the "drivers'" list
            7. When successful, you will get a reference# / Confirmation# in less than 10 seconds.
            8. The GNet Dashboard contains details regarding your FARM OUT reservations.
            9. All updates will be synchronized bidirectionally with your partners in real-time.

            You are now ready to SEND.

            Step 4. Receive via GNet

            1. Make sure your partner is listed in Partners Tab on GNet dashboard

            2. Your affiliate partner who sends you business must exist as a CUSTOMER in your system.  If you do not have them as a CUSTOMER in your reservation system, you need to complete this step before moving forward.

            3. Note down the CUSTOMER ID of your affiliate

            4. Go to GNet Dashboard’s Partner Page

            5. Click on your affiliate partner listed in the Partners Tab

            6. Enter the CUSTOMER ID of your affiliate from your system in the lower left side of the popup called : Customer ID (in your system 

            7. Click SAVE.

            8. Go to Administration -> Company Profile page  and create email alerts for incoming and outgoing trips.

            You are ready to RECEIVE from your Partner.

            Sending a test reservation

            Your affiliate must also complete the steps above prior to FARMING OUT a reservation across the network. 


            Password Reset Process:

            FireFox does not work well with GNet, please use Chrome, or IE.

            For security, the link expires after 30 minutes.  You can only visit this link once. To initiate a 'new password link':

            1. Go to:

            2. Put your user id in the user id field - typically the email address you used to register with.

            3. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ link

            4. Check your email

              1. The password reset email may land in your Junk/Bulk mail folder

            Updated: 15 Jul 2019 03:56 AM
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