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            GNet Dashboard is not compatible with FireFox Browsers.  Chrome browsers work best with our Dashboard.

            Operator Register (If you cannot locate your Partner/Affiliate, please ask them to register and we will get them connected)

            Operator Login

            Adding Partners

            1. login to GNet
            2. Go to Partners Menu
            3. Go to Search Directory (Tab)
            4. Search for Affiliate Partner
            5. Add the Affiliate as a Partner
            6. Go to Affiliate Partners (Tab)
            7. click on Affiliate
            8. Use the ACCOUNT# from the associated Account to fill out the Customer ID field on GNet

            Password Reset

            For security, the link expires after 30 minutes.  You can only visit this link once. To initiate a 'new password link', follow the following procedure:
            Go to:
            Put your user id in the user id field
            Click on ‘Forgot Password’ link
            Check your email
            The password reset email, may land in your Junk/Bulk mail folder

            Review Rates and Vehicles

            Once your company has been connected to GRiDD in order to receive trips you will need to have rates and vehicles set up.

            Updated: 02 Jul 2018 01:59 AM
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