Livery Coach - Farm In Farm Out - settings

            Livery Coach Customer Setup for gNet

            Access the Farm Agreement for the affiliate you are sending work to and/or from.
            First, enter the affiliate’s gNet ID into the field ID/CustCode:

            Under the Network tab on BOTH the Farm-In and Farm-Out side, change the Provider in the dropdown to GRiDD.

            Please Note: you will HAVE to have both a Farm-In and Farm-Out Agreements for affiliates you are connecting to, regardless of whether you are bi-directional or not.

            Farm IN agreements in Livery Coach must be tied to a contact profile, (usually these are entity profiles for the affiliate, which also contain the billing information.

            Farm In agreement:

            Click the ellipsis next to the Cust ID field, and select the profile/entity you wish to attach to the Farm-In Agreement or create a new profile/entity:

            You are now ready to send a test run. Contact your Partner and either send them a test run or ask them to send you a test run. This will ensure that your agreements are in place.
            Updated: 04 Mar 2019 01:01 AM
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