Test your GNet Quotations by Partnering with yourself

            This method of testing Quotes against yourself, has been verified to work for the following Reservation Systems; FASTTRAK, LiveryCoach, LimoAnywhere, and Hudson. 
            We will be adding Quote compatibility with other Reservation Systems.

            Step One: Create a test account.
            1. In your Reservation System, create a Test Affiliate account.
            2. Write down the Customer_ID for this account.
            Step Two: Partner with yourself on GNet and grant "Quote" access. It's similar to 'Friending' on Facebook.
            1. Via the GNet Dashboard, click on Partners > Search Directory > and locate your Company
            2. Click on the corresponding "Send Request" button.
            3. Now your Company will appear on the "Partners" tab.
            4. Click on your Partner entry and enter the Customer_ID you wrote down previously, and "Give Quotation Access".
            5. Save your changes.
            Step Three: Request a Quote from your Reservation System and view the resulting Rate.
            1. Click on "Get Quotations" select yourself using the the drop-down box "Select an Affiliate".
            2. After defining the run, click on "Send Quote Request" to see the estimated Rate your Reservation calculates.
            Thank you,
            The GRiDD Team.

            Updated: 10 Apr 2019 04:11 AM
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