URL Location Sharing via FT SMS Notifications

            You can now share a chauffeur’s location when executing a run. Two FASTTRAK features need to be enabled to activate URL Location Sharing.

            In-process communication via ‘System Global Settings and then enable individual Customer Profiles that you want to enable this on.

            See below the Global System Settings to be enabled. Once enabled, if GRiDD apps are in use, the GRiDD link will be appended. If FT Driver App is in use, the FT link (mylink.limo) will be appended.

            System Global Settings adjustment for Location Sharing
            Menu > System Company and User Setup > System Global Settings > Notifications Tab > In-Process Notifications Sub-Tab
            System Global Settings

            Customer Profile Setting to enable Location sharing via SMS

            Locate the Customer record > Edit Customer Profile > Document Options Tab > Enable “Send En Route & On Loc Notifications > Click OK to save your changes.

            Customer Profile Settings

            Updated: 30 Oct 2017 05:06 AM
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